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Therapeutic Insulin


Insulin is used to decreases the level of glucose and to control fat and glucose levels in type I and type II diabetes, and is one of the main and most efficient treatments for diabetes patients.

In addition to the daily use of rH-Insulin, Insulin Analogues (Lispro, Aspart and Glargine) are more modern products allowing patients improved glucose control during the day, by rapid, short and long acting mechanisms.


rH Insulin and most of the Insulin Analogues are formulated in 10 mL vial (40 IU/mL, 100 IU/mL) and 3 mL cartridges (100 IU/mL). Additional presentations and concentrations are available.

Some of the Insulins are available in bulk ABS form, as sterile powder ready for compounding and filling.


The therapeutic Insulins are produced in compliance with EU and US Pharmacopeia, with high purities reaching over 99% if required. Due to the technology efficiencies and scale of production, the Insulins are cost effective and affordable.


The Insulins are manufactured in a cGMP FDA / EU approvable state of the art facility, based on rDNA platform technology from E.coli bacterial cell.


All manufacturing ingredients and intermediates, including media, Trypsin and CPB are animal origin free.


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