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Human Serum Albumin (HSA) is used as an excipient in a number of therapeutic protein formulations. Recombinant Human Serum Albumin (Rec. HSA) is animal origin free expressed in E.coli without animal or human derived raw materials. It is also free from other contaminating serum proteins.

HSA is used for:
Carry protein in plasma that helps fatty acid transportation to various tissues.
Plasma Volume expander.
Manufacturing of drug, vaccine and device products.



Regulatory-compliant, Animal Origin Free

Produced by E.coli

Replaces plasma derived human albumin

High purity (>99%) and has no contaminating serum proteins. defined and consistently

Multifunctional excipient in protein formulation

Supplement to support mammalian

Cell growth in serum free cell culture media, which in turn can replace Human Serum Albumin and ensure the absence of any blood borne contaminants

Diagnostics and proteomics

Drug delivery

Stem cell expansion

Invitro fertilization


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