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Animal origin free Carboxypeptidase-B is a recombinant CPB expressed in E.coli, proving a superior alternative to animal origin CPB for all cell culture and peptide- mapping related activity.


The synthetic gene is cloned and expressed in E.coli, therefore there is no possibility of contamination due to adventitious agents and pathogens such as viruses and BSE/TSE.


The purity of our recombinant CPB is >98% with very high specific activity with obvious absence of contaminating enzymes.



High purity – provides increased specificity and eliminates contaminating activities found in lower purity enzymes


Animal component-free – no risk of contamination with viruses, BSE, H1N1 virus or other
adventitious agents


Yield improvement – enables final product increased efficiencies


Convenience – sterile solution is formulated at the optimal concentration for the required

Production of Insulin and Insulin analogues

Production of vaccines

Accomplishment of post translational modification of antibodies

Raw material in the enteric coated tablets for enhancing digestion


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