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Non-therapeutic Insulin


Recombinant Animal Origin Free Insulin (Rec-AOF-Insulin), is manufactured at a cGMP FDA / EU approvablae manufacturing facility.


Initially manufactured as "Recombinant Proinsulin" using E.coli platform, the conversion of proinsulin to Insulin is carried out using E. coli recombinant enzymes such as animal origin free recombinant Trypsin and recombinant Carboxypeptidase-Bas well as animal origin free media.


rH Insulin is used as a component of serum free growth media for mammalian cell culture and production of biopharmaceuticals, to eliminate the risk of BSE/TSE.


Mammalian cell culture is extensively used for production of several therapeutic proteins such as antibodies, growth factors, hormones and others.



Reduces the risk of introducing adventitious agents

Assists both upstream and downstream process purification optimisations

Avoids batch-to-batch variations in serum, maintaining consistency of production batches.

Recombinant Human Insulin can be used as a growth factor in serum-free media for cell culture media


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