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Interferon alfa-2a acts as an antiviral and a cellular growth suppressing agent,
approved for the treatment of chronic hepatitis C and other viral infection related conditions.


Peg Interferon alfa-2a is a long acting version of Rec-AOF Interferon alfa-2a.


Interferons are proteins that respond to viral infections, used for fighting viruses and for
regulating cells reproduction, and assist with immune system regulating.


Both products are manufactured in a FDA cGMP approvable facility based on rDNA
technology from E.coli cells.

Both products are tested against the reference product for clinical evaluation.

Interferon Alpha 2a is available in syringe of 3 MIU /0.5 ml.

Peg interferon Alpha 2a is available in 135 mcg/ 0.5ml and 180 mcg/0.5ml.

Both products are available in bulk ABS form.

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