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Medxbio Pte. Ltd. is a Singapore based Biopharmaceutical company specializing in the development and global commercialization of Biologicals, Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices


About Us

About us


Medxbio was formed by veterans of the industry with a vision to accommodate both the increasing regulatory requirements and the growing patients needs for quality yet affordable Biopharmaceuticals. In order to realize our vision we developed a unique products portfolio and complementary business approach.


Our products portfolio include first generation Biologicals and Biosimilars, generic and innovative patented Pharmaceuticals, and Medical Device Pharmaceuticals. Our products are manufactured exclusively for our group by in / out license agreements with European and Asian Pharmaceutical contract manufacturers, and commercialized from our Singapore head office.


With a strong presence in South East Asia and additional growing healthcare regions, Medxbio developed a global partnering approach, to accommodate the dynamics and requirements of the industry and effectively bring our products to market.


Medxbio is B2B driven and partnered with strategic alliances to support each country's unique commercial and regulatory requirements. With our partners, in-house team and strong marketing and sales capabilities, we introduced our portfolio to most countries around the world.


We currently have representation and offices in over 20 countries, and clients in many of SEA, Europe, LATAM, CIS and MENA countries.

Our Business

About us

Our Business


Medxbio focus is on product development, qualification and dossiers development, registration, marketing and sales.


Our portfolio is manufactured by exclusive in / out licensing partners, allowing Medxbio to benefit from lean operations, product cost efficiencies, high products quality and regulatory compliance.


Since most of Medxbio products have EU CTD dossiers and are manufactured under EU cGMP conditions, our products comply with regulatory requirements in most parts of the world.


We develop each product commercialization differently, and depending on the product and country, we either register the products with our own dossiers, or collaborate with our distributors that register the products and market them locally.


We develop and implement marketing and sales strategies with our own team or via distributors and mid-size pharma companies. We then implement our rigid quality methodologies and systems to ensure the entire product portfolio is compliant and ready for market.


These result in successful, effective and fast product commercialization.


To be a global leader in Biopharmaceuticals development and commercialization by:


  • Catering to patient's needs and supplying high quality affordable Biopharmaceuticals;

  • Introducing and growing our product's portfolio globally;

  • Enhancing our geographical presence mainly in the developing markets.

Partners and Alliances


The complexities of our industry require partnerships and cooperation, more so in recent years with increasing generic competition and regulatory barriers in most countries.


In order to meet the dynamics and challenges of our industry, maintain a competitive advantage while complying with quality and regulatory requirement, Medxbio partnered with world leading establishments.


Our partners include start-ups, European research institutes and universities, CROs, CMOs, global Pharma, distributors, regulatory advisors and other partners, allowing for a complete eco-system and resulting in success in bringing our products to market.


Medxbio hold stakes in some of our manufacturing partners organizations to ensure our products are manufactured in the highest quality and supplied to our clients on time.


We have gained the trust of our partners by generating value, thinking outside of the box and mostly by sustaining long lasting relationships based on trust.


We welcome new partners and always keep active interest in developing new avenues and exploring new opportunities.

Partners and alliances
Group Companies

Group Companies

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